Remorque homologuée vitesse routière

Road speed type-approved trailer

Your trailer is type-approved for driving at normal road speeds but remember the inertia of the tow vehicle + trailer rig which is considerably changed.

If the maximum overall permissible weight (GTWR of the trailer + GTWR of the tow vehicle) of your rig is less than 3500 kg, the applicable speed limits are those of your vehicle.

In France, if the gross total weight of the rig exceeds 3500 kg, the speed limits are:

■ 90 km/h on motorways
■ 80 km/h on main roads
■ 50 km/h in built up areas

In most countries of the European Community, speeds when towing a trailer are limited (see the national regulations).

However, we advise you to keep your speed down to cope with the situations that might occur when you are on the move.