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Utility trailers
& sustainable development

As years go by, we adjust to the demands of the trade with a constant concern for the environment in which we work.

Concerning the regulations:
For the manufacturing of our professional utility trailers, we comply with the terms of the applicable European standards and the requirements of the French Highway code.

Concerning the equipment:
Our concern to save and protect the planet means that we always prefer to use high quality materials and components that can be recycled (galvanized steel, ABS lights etc.).
All the waste from the professional utility trailer production cycle is systematically put through selective sorting and reprocessing.

Concerning social issues:
Our company makes a point of complying stringently with the French and European laws on social matters.

The production methods for the manufacturing of our professional utility trailers are analyzed regularly in an effort to discover openings that reduce tedious work and improve comfort. Working groups meet regularly to discuss these subjects in an effort to improve working conditions and efficiency.

When you choose one of our professional utility trailers, you make an indirect contribution to the protection of the planet.

Remorques HUBIERE by TRIGANO’s commitment to sustainable development in all its forms is underscored by this commitment, a driving force behind our teams every day.