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Driving license

Before using your trailer, you must make sure that your driving license allows you to tell the trailer on the roads.

A “B” license is sufficient under the two following conditions:

■ If the GTWR of the trailer is less than or equal to 750 Kg.
■ If the sum of the GTWRs (car + trailer) is less than or equal to 3500 Kg.

An “E” (“B”) license is required in the following case:

■ If the gross towed weight rating (GTWR) of the rig, including the trailer + the towing vehicle is greater than 3500 Kg.

The B96 license is required:

■ This license allows you to tow a rig of up to 4250 kg (sum of car + trailer GTWR). Since 19 January 2013, this new “simplified” license can be obtained by attending a driving school training course.