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Tanker trailer

The tanker trailer is designed for carrying water. Ideal for use as a fixed or mobile water supply point, the tanker trailer facilitates cleaning, watering and other operations.

The tractor-trailer is a simple and robust design featuring a rear drain valve, a manhole and a double-articulation adjustable drawbar.

Discover our specific Public Works large or extra-large trailers for work platforms or rollers, as well as pneumatic trailers.

Designed and made in France

  • Characteristics

    • Welded metal chassis, hot-dip galvanized
    • Galvanized tank with manhole.
    • Rear flow control valve.
    • Drawbar adjustable for height, double articulation, FA type
    • Ring tongue, 68 x 42.
    • European code recessed lighting
    • Inertia braking with auto-reverse (on braked models).
    • 1 adjustable rear jack
    • 1 adjustable front jack


    • Spare wheel + spare wheel bracket
    • Ball hitch, Ø 50.
    • Jockey wheel (replacing front jack).
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      CTR 751**CTR 1301


      Spare wheel + spare wheel bracketBall hitch, Ø 50Jockey wheel (replacing front jack)


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