Remorque porte engin très grande taille (XXL) TPG

Machinery transport trailer
XXL (extra-large)

The TPG is an extra-large machine transport trailer designed for transporting mini-backhoes and compact machines.

With a tandem axle, ideal sizes and payload capacities, the extra-large machinery transport trailer comes as standard with a full width floor, aluminium ramps adjustable for width and a new generation height-adjustable drawbar providing a considerable coupling amplitude.

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Designed and made in France

  • Characteristics

    • Welded metal chassis, hot-dip galvanized
    • Removable polypropylene fenders
    • Aluminium ramps adjustable for length.
    • Parallelogram height-adjustable drawbar
    • Ring tongue, 68 x 42.
    • European model lighting, recessed on dampers
    • Inertia brake with auto-reverse.
    • Close-fitting and reinforced floor beams.
    • Full width wooden floor
    • Tie-down points in chassis and on the sides.
    • Removable jockey wheel.
    • Automatic rear loading jacks


    • Spare wheel + spare wheel bracket
    • Ball hitch, Ø 50.
    • Adjustable load stop with 3 positions.
    • Tie down kit with 4 chains.
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      Spare wheel + spare wheel bracketBall hitch, Ø 50Adjustable load stop with 3 positionsTie down kit with 4 chains


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