Plateau fixe grande taille PLTA

Fixed flat top trailer
XL (large)

The PLTA large fixed flat top trailer is particularly popular because of its versatility and ruggedness.
This fixed flat top trailer can carry any type of equipment or material. The series is built on the basis of a tandem axle and proposed in different sizes and functional payloads.

In addition to having outstanding technical capabilities, this range of “large fixed flat top” trailers offers as a standard supply a non-skid wooden floor, a Vee hitch and recessed lighting. This series of fixed flat top trailers offers many options (fold-down and removable aluminium sides, high tarpaulin, rack, ramps etc.).

The other large flat top trailer choices include the following: fixed box trailer or extra-large fixed flat top trailer.

Designed and made in France

  • Characteristics

    • Bare flat top (without sides).
    • Welded metal chassis, hot-dip galvanized
    • Spare wheel bracket
    • Ball hitch, Ø 50.
    • Jockey wheel.
    • Inertia brake with auto-reverse.
    • Non-skid wooden floor.
    • Type-approved recessed lighting.


    • Spare wheel.
    • Side and front rack, height 0.15 m.
    • Aluminium removable and fold-down sides, 0.35 m high
    • Flat tarpaulin.
    • High tarpaulin opening on 4 sides, (sides mandatory).
      height 1.40 m for PLTA 26,
      height 1.60 m for PLTA 31,
      height 1.80 m for PLTA 36,
    • Ladder rack.
    • Aluminium ramps.
    • Ramp space under flat top
    • Stabilizer jacks
    • Retracting tie down points (per pair)
    • Antitheft device.
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      Trailer type(s)

      PLTA 752 F 26PLTA 1002 26PLTA 1302 26PLTA 1602 26PLTA 1602 31PLTA 2002 31PLTA 2502 31PLTA 2002 36PLTA 2502 36


      Spare wheelSide and front rack, height 0.15 mAluminium removable and fold-down sides, 0.35 m highFlat tarpaulinHigh tarpaulin opening on 4 sides, (sides mandatory)height 1.40 m for PLTA 26height 1.60 m for PLTA 31height 1.80 m for PLTA 36Ladder rackAluminium rampsRamp space under flat topStabilizer jacksRetracting tie down points (per pair)Antitheft device


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