Remorque basculante XL (grande taille) VLB

Tipper trailer
XL (large)

The VLB “green spaces” large tipper trailer is particularly popular because of its versatility and ruggedness. This large tipper trailer is the ideal partner for your tractor vehicle, enabling you to transport every type of load. The “extra-large tipper trailer” range is designed on the basis of a single axle unit with sizes and payloads adapted to every different use.

These tipper trailers, in addition to their technical qualities, offer standard inertia tipping of the box, a “V” drawbar and anchor points within the box body. The range can be used with several alternatives (cage sides, tarpaulins, ladder racks etc.).

This version of the large tipper trailer is also available as a very large tipper trailer or a large tipper flat top trailer or a very large tipper flat top trailer.

Designed and made in France

  • Characteristics

    • Welded metal chassis, hot-dip galvanized
    • Inertia tipping
    • Fixed sides, height 0.40 m.
    • Fold-down and removable tailgate.
    • Spare wheel bracket
    • Ball hitch, Ø 50.
    • European code recessed lighting
    • Inertia braking with auto-reverse (on braked models).
    • Non-skid wooden floor.
    • Jockey wheel on braked models.
    • 4 tie down points in body box.


    • Spare wheel.
    • Flat tarpaulin.
    • High tarpaulin with rear opening, effective height 1.00 m.
    • Rear axle
    • Cage sides, 0.80 m high with or without rear door.
    • Leaf net (on cage-side models).
    • Drawbar height-adjustable
    • Hydraulic tipping
    • Ladder rack.
    • Tie down rings (per pair).
    • Antitheft device.
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      Spare wheelFlat tarpaulinHigh tarpaulin with rear opening, effective height 1.00 mRear axleCage sides, 0.80 m high with or without rear doorLeaf net (on cage-side models)Drawbar height-adjustableHydraulic tippingLadder rackTie down rings (per pair)Antitheft device


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